Our Family

Mary Lee Smyth, Puzzle Master
With almost 40 years of puzzle-crafting experience, I still approach each and every new puzzle with happy anticipation. The process of mounting the print, choosing the whimsies and analysing how to make each puzzle confound is one of my greatest delights! Even after the cutting is done, I still get a kick out of seeing the highlights come up in the wood as I finish the cherry backing and out of arranging the finished puzzle neatly in its box.

The best part of the whole process, though, comes after the puzzle is delivered. Knowing that I’ve brought good energy and satisfaction into someone’s world, especially when a customer takes the time to let me know about their experience, more than anything is my greatest joy!

When I’m not playing with puzzles, I love to play music (including piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and now steelpan) or to be outdoors hiking, kayaking, and trail riding (most often with the GEO of Smyth Puzzles).

Greye Smyth, GEO (Geek Executive Officer)
Though I decided to follow my own path as a professional software engineer, it seems I’ve nonetheless found a way to help my Mom carry on the family business! When we decided to take Smyth Puzzles online, I answered the call gladly, and now I maintain all things techie and geek for us. I also occasionally double as a copy editor and offer suggestions for designs and whimsies to bring a Millennial perspective to the mix!

Until recently having put my extraordinary programming skills (and humbling modesty) to use in the fintech world, I'm currently taking some time to pursue some personal projects of my own. When I'm relaxing, I love playing, collecting, and creating video games, experimenting with vegetarian recipes, and from time to time doing some hiking and kayaking. I do play a bit of piano like my Mom, but the instrument I’m most experienced with is (of all things!) the Caribbean steelpan.

CheChe and Ducky, Packing Crew
Our brother-and-sister team works tirelessly to ensure each box shipped from Smyth Puzzles is inspected and approved. Rest assured that before your puzzle is shipped, they have thoroughly verified the quality of its box. When not working, they can be found lounging on the porch, demanding treats when anyone walks into the kitchen, or stalking the errant bug which might have wandered into the house.